MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converter 91006 These days, the DIY, or do it yourself crowd is all about creating custom work and one off exhausts are no exception. Whether you're working on a classic car, race car or just your daily driver, a MagnaFlow universal converter should be the standard building block for your custom exhaust. Each converter is built to last with its ribbed design and funneled inlets and outlets, as well as a stainless steel body and heat shield that contain a flow efficient, monolithic honeycomb catalyst designed for maximum flow and surface area. Another great characteristic of MagnaFlow's universal converters is that each part number covers a wide range of applications so one converter will work on a variety of makes and models. Since these items are universal, some modifications may be involved such as cutting or welding. Body Material Stainless SteelHeat Shield Stainless SteelO2 Bung NoAir Inlet Port NoCARB Approved NoEPA Approved YesOBD II Approved YesFitment UniversalMounting Flange NoOffset Inlet Or Outlet NoState Legal 49 StateIn California, this part may not be used upon a highway and may only be used for race purposesCalifornia Residents WARNING $75.20

Magnaflow Universal HM Catalytic Converter High Flow Spun Heavy Metal. 0 MagnaFlow 100 Universal Catalytic Converter Non CARB Compliant Magnaflow Universal California Catalytic Converter 440105.

Watch as they walk you through the steps in. Limit Magnaflow 00 M. Out of stars 1. Magnaflow OBD II Universal Catalytic Converter Universal. 1 MagnaFlow 00 Universal Catalytic Converter Non Magnaflow Direct Fit Catalytic Converter 50832. Part Number 100 M Magnaflow 100 M.

American engineered manufactured MagnaFlow Catalytic Converters combine efficient industrial design to produce a product that exceeds the highest. The professionals at Magnaflow know you are looking for great sound and a free flowing exhaust. MagnaFlow 100 Universal Catalytic Converter Non.

Inch Cat Converter 100 Stainless Steel Body Catalytic.

It adds a kick Magnaflow Universal Catalytic Converter 91006 when i shift and the sound.

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MagnaFlow 100 Universal Catalytic Converter Non CARB Compliant.

0 MagnaFlow 100 Universal Catalytic Converter Non. Jeep CJ Universal Catalytic Converter Non. Converter is that one unit cover a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. Products from.

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